This large capacity aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vapourise water and essential oils to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist.

It offers five functions in the one stylish diffuser:

Aroma Diffuser/Vaporiser: The ultrasonic vibrations retain essential oils in their 100% pure form making them easily inhaled and absorbed, offering amazing health and healing benefits. As there is no heat source no condensation is created.
Ioniser: The water vibrations create negative ions which help to remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air, assisting breathing, improving sleep and enhancing general wellbeing.
Air Purifier: Ultrasonic diffusers release a large number of anions. These anions will produce electrostatic reactions with dust and impurities in the air, and, when combined with the right blend of essential oils, will purify the air, removing alergies, stale air and odours.
Humidifier: The ultrasonic waves create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning.
Night Lamp: The lamp can be set to your favourite colour or automatically rotate through a sequence of gentle colour changes, it can also run with the light completely off.
The large 500ml water capacity means it has a very long 20hr work time. Other features include:
  • Auto shut off if no water
  • Mist intensity adjustment
  • Timer and continuous work function
  • 1 year warranty
Unit Dimensions: W18 x L18 x H13.5cm