It's new, it's edgy, it's versatile, it's the Healers Choice Edge Powerlift.
This new table design has a rectangular body with shoulder cut outs for client comfort. The two armrests are independantly adjustable in height with a self locking mechanism ranging from 0 (level with the face section) to 22cm below.
The square headrest section features a unique arced face hole, decreasing pressure on the face. It also comes with a face plug so clients can be treated in the prone position comfortably. This section is operated by a gas lift and has a range from -70 to +20 degrees.
The walk free foot controller is an aluminium ring that runs around the table, enabling you to adjust the height from any position. No more trailing cables and foot pedals!
Upholstered in durable black PVC vinyl.
Length: 203cm
Width: 70cm
Foam: 6.5cm
Weight Capacity: 205kg
Height Range: 45 - 94cm
Warranty: Frame 3 years, Motor 1 year, Vinyl 2 years

SKU: ET023