This super comfortable rectangular two piece couch has powerlift height control and a powered backrest.
The back can be angled from 0 to 75 degrees to suit a wide range of modalities and at 184cm long x 70cm wide this table will suit most body shapes and sizes.
Featuring ultra comfortable 75mm medium density foam and a height range from just 43cm (making it ideal for wheelchair transfer) to 98cm for even the tallest therapist.
It has wheels at one end and stabilising blocks at the other which means the table remains solid but moveable. The new frame design provides a straight up and down lift action which is ideal in a small treatment room.
Includes face recess and plug.
5 year frame warranty
2 year motor warranty
1 year foot pedal warranty
Lifting weight capacity 196kg
Available in Agate Blue colour only.

SKU: ET021

SKU: ET021