The Therapists Towel is an essential time-saving, inviting, and environmentally-friendly accessory for any Therapist. It sits across the end of your table and has a slit that can be placed over the face hole in the table or draped around a face crest extension.
The Therapists Towel:
    •    can reduce the number of towels and costly disposable facial towels you wash, fold, store and use
    •    makes your massage table look neater, more professional, inviting and appealing
    •    eliminates bulkiness and reduces discomfort for clients
    •    is hygienic and easy to clean; and
    •    makes clients feel supported, secure and relaxed.
Made from plush high quality 100% cotton and conveniently sized for easy storage, the Therapists Towel is an essential cost-effective and a time-saving aid for any therapist.
Measures 84cm x 52cm

Therapist Towel Colours
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